About Us

More than 50 years ago, an entrepreneur with a vision ventured into the fledgling electronics business in UAE. Vithaldas Vallabhdas Karani set up operations in Dubai in the year 1958 under the banner of VV & Sons. The following year, it acquired its first agency, Eveready batteries. From this modest beginning, the company grew by leaps and bounds to become a leading supplier in high end audio-visual solutions and FMCG products in the UAE.

Our History

Over the years, VV & Sons has recorded dramatic growth, both in terms of brands acquired and quality of services provided. VV & Sons presently boasts of staff strength of more than 300 employees and 6 state of the art retail outlets. High level of customer service is maintained by a well equipped service centre manned by highly trained personnel. VV & Sons continued to grow exponentially, ever widening its already impressive portfolio of brands and services. Extending product lines, while still retaining their leadership position in the consumer electronics market, VV & Sons has successfully widened its distribution portfolio of FMCG products like Energizer, Parle, VIP etc. and professional audio products like PEEVEY, QSC, Australian Monitor etc. In June 2005, the management of VV & Sons took a strategic decision to join hands with one of the leading business houses in the UAE, The Bhatia Brothers group. The synergy in operations and vast experience in distribution business over several decades helped fuel the growth of VV & Sons. The VV & Sons showrooms cater to mid and higher end of the market and have built a reputation for high levels of quality and customer service. The company provides customized solutions to suit the diverse requirements of its customers. In short, our showrooms are the destination of the connoisseurs of music – a one stop shop for all audiophiles.

V. V. & Sons

The strength of VV & Sons has been in the belief that “Partnership for Progress” is the key to success. At VV & Sons we believe that a partnership is not to merely “sell” brands but to nurture and build them until they establish their own unmistakable niche in the market. This policy has ensured goodwill from both principals and customers alike and has helped in building lasting relationships and brands. The main assets of VV & Sons have always been its people. Our team consists of trained and dedicated salesmen and excellent support staff in warehouse and administration. Their capabilities extend far beyond just selling. Most of them are trained product specialists their knowledge base is constantly updated by periodic training. Our pro-active Human resources department leaves no stone unturned in ensuring this happens. VV & Sons has unsurpassed experience and the expertise in the audio-visual entertainment industry, a marked distribution edge in FMCG products and excellent relationship with customers and clients. We specialize in bringing customers the benefit of a committed, trained and professional sales force, quality products and excellent after sales service.